Monday, 10 April 2017

Kiss Anime Movie Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi Review

Summer is the right season to look for your spouse to fix your wedding in the cool winter. Well, this is my point of view but that what really matters is the type of the person you want to get married with him/her.  Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi movie is a story with the hot topic of selecting spouse in the most cunningly fun way. The nature, personality traits and character of person matters a lot when you are up to find your soul mate. You cannot go choosing someone on his or her looks alone. There are hells of things to consider.  Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi movie is bringing up so much fun with a guy searching for a girl that can equally set in as her wife. You will be watching Vir Das in most amazing character of an investment banker. The light comedy is good enough to make your day. Do not miss watching the hilarious Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series” to assist you for your future decisions as well.

Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series” Cast and Credits

You are going to watch Vir Das (Amit Sahni), Anindita Nayar, Vega Tamotia and Kavi Shastri in Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series”. Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series” is the production and presentation of Pyxis Pictures studios. Ajay Bhuyan has given the direction for this movie.

Synopsis of Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi

The Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi movie is about a guy who is looking for a girl to make her his spouse but on the pre-selected grounds. This guy is practical and rational regarding his marital life as well.

Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi’s Story Insights

 Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi tells the interesting story of a practical person Amit Sahni. Amit Sahni is very much rational and practical. He is working as an investment banker; probably that is why he is too much keen observer, witty and choosy. His kooky thinking about looking for better half is completely strange and different from rest of the people. The other reason may be his bad and heartbreaking experience by his first ever girl friend at his teens. Probably, that left a deep impact on this guy about choosing a girl for his life time. Amit Sahni has jot down all the ideal characteristics in a list that he wants in his spouse. He pockets up this list to match the girl’s with the list of characteristics.

Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi Movie Details

Amit Sahni decides to pick her girl by analyzing on date with them. Thus, he starts up dating with different girls and notices if his listed characteristics match with them. Each date return fanatically funny situations for him making his selection complicated. Her desperate want to search for Miss Right seems no longer workable but to watch its result we all have to wait for the movie to arrive in cinemas.

Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series” Review & Verdict

Watching Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A kissanime Cartoon Series” will be a great fun watch. Vir Das is going to show up in a smart thinker character hat will please every single person out there. Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series” will be out on July 18, 2014.