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Best Filipino Thriller Movies of all Time

Everyone enjoys watching thriller/horror movies especially with a group of friends or family. Philippines entertainment industry has launched many thriller/ horror category movies. Those movies have got have got 5 star ratings and are being watched by many people; from not only Philippines but from all around the world. 

You can watch all the Filipino movies online by visiting Pinoy TV. Pinoy TV features all the Filipino movies, TV shows and drama serials that you can stream online. You just have to visit the website and search your content and watch your favorite movie or drama serial online and in an HD quality.
As for the best Filipino thriller movies, here are some Tagalog horror/ thriller movies that you can watch.

Dilim (2014 )

Dilim a Filipino thriller movie released on 22nd October 2014. Dilim means ‘Darkness’ and it is directed and written by Jose Javier Reyes. Dilim is a movie produced by Regal Multimedia Inc.  Darkness is a movie based on a girl named Maritess. The darkness starts when she moves into her dorm. She started having horrible nightmares that will wake her up from the middle of the night. She went on a trip to Quiapo, where she meets a seer that told her that she is stuck between the living and the dead. Maritess has a special capability that she can post the dead on the other side of the world. Her condition and night mare becomes worse when she find a new friend, Emerson.

Maritess later found out that her friend Mia and her friend Aya are ghosts of students that disappeared 5 years ago.

This movie revolves around how Maritess will help her friends to get rid of those old ghosts and how will she come back to her normal life.

Cast of Dilim (2014)

  • Kylie Padilla as Maritess
  • Rayver Cruz as Emerson
  • Ella Cruz as Mia
  • Nathalie Hart as Aya

Amorosa (2012)

Amorosa is another Filipino horror/ thriller movie that is being watched and loved by many people. It was released on 29th August 2012 and is directed by Topel Lee. The story of this pinoy network online horror movie is written by Enrico Santos and Joel Mercado.  Amorosa is a SkyLight Films Production.
This movie is based on a family, Amorosa, her husband and two kids. They got into a car accident where her husband dies on the spot. Now, Amorosa has her two boys to live and take care for. She moves to a pension house with her kids after sometime.

After she moved in, she realizes that something is wrong with the house. Later, she discovered that there is an angry spirit living in the remote pension house that is seeking revenge for the sins that it had committed.

Also, Amorosa also tries to rebound with her son Rommel, who has changed a lot since the accident. 

Amorosa  (2012 ) Cast and Crew 

  • Angel Aquino as Amorosa
  • Enrique Gill as Rommel (son)
  • Martin Del Rosario as Amiel (son)

Monday, 10 April 2017

Kiss Anime Movie Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi Review

Summer is the right season to look for your spouse to fix your wedding in the cool winter. Well, this is my point of view but that what really matters is the type of the person you want to get married with him/her.  Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi movie is a story with the hot topic of selecting spouse in the most cunningly fun way. The nature, personality traits and character of person matters a lot when you are up to find your soul mate. You cannot go choosing someone on his or her looks alone. There are hells of things to consider.  Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi movie is bringing up so much fun with a guy searching for a girl that can equally set in as her wife. You will be watching Vir Das in most amazing character of an investment banker. The light comedy is good enough to make your day. Do not miss watching the hilarious Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series” to assist you for your future decisions as well.

Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series” Cast and Credits

You are going to watch Vir Das (Amit Sahni), Anindita Nayar, Vega Tamotia and Kavi Shastri in Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series”. Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series” is the production and presentation of Pyxis Pictures studios. Ajay Bhuyan has given the direction for this movie.

Synopsis of Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi

The Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi movie is about a guy who is looking for a girl to make her his spouse but on the pre-selected grounds. This guy is practical and rational regarding his marital life as well.

Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi’s Story Insights

 Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi tells the interesting story of a practical person Amit Sahni. Amit Sahni is very much rational and practical. He is working as an investment banker; probably that is why he is too much keen observer, witty and choosy. His kooky thinking about looking for better half is completely strange and different from rest of the people. The other reason may be his bad and heartbreaking experience by his first ever girl friend at his teens. Probably, that left a deep impact on this guy about choosing a girl for his life time. Amit Sahni has jot down all the ideal characteristics in a list that he wants in his spouse. He pockets up this list to match the girl’s with the list of characteristics.

Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi Movie Details

Amit Sahni decides to pick her girl by analyzing on date with them. Thus, he starts up dating with different girls and notices if his listed characteristics match with them. Each date return fanatically funny situations for him making his selection complicated. Her desperate want to search for Miss Right seems no longer workable but to watch its result we all have to wait for the movie to arrive in cinemas.

Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series” Review & Verdict

Watching Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A kissanime Cartoon Series” will be a great fun watch. Vir Das is going to show up in a smart thinker character hat will please every single person out there. Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi “A Kissanime Cartoon Series” will be out on July 18, 2014.

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Anima Estudio "A Kiss Anime Studio"

Anima Estudio was found by the Mexican animation organization in 2002 by the special contribution Fernaando De Fuentes, Jose C Garcia De Letona and Federico Unda. Anima Estudio was one of the best known studio around the globe. Anime network started its carrier from 2002 with the proper check and balance. Anime Network got well popularity with the passage of time.

Anima Estudio was one and only largest and best studio in Mexico in that time period. Now Anima is operating in many countries United Kingdom, United State, Korea and Russia. As you know that anima was inaugurated by the 2002 and played a vital role in the industry of Animation. You can say a leading animation studio in the Latin America.

Anima Estudio's Brief History

Anime Studio released its first featured film named as "Magos Y Gigantes dated 19 November 2003. That movie was go viral by the help of Fox. In the history of 30 years first featured animation content. After the first anime film second was released in the month of March 11 2005 Imaginum, was an comedy film. Second movie got well popularity and released around the world. Second movie was sold in about to 90 Countries around the world. The carrier of anime started with the second movie.

After such an successful entry Anima Studios move forward for the sake of Partnership. So first partnership was done with the Estancion Espacial and they just started work together on miniseries "Poncho Balon". This series was also get well popularity and comes up during the FIFA 2006 World Cup. In this series the main role was played by the Humberto Velez as a title Character.

In the year 200 Anima Estudios launched a New TV Series EL Chavo Animado. It was based on the Live Action series by the Roberto Gomez Bolanos. It was aired on the Canal 5 in the Mexico dated as October 21 2006. After that it was released in the United States on the Univision Channel by the 24 January 2008 and get very high ratings. It is also being informed to you that this series go viral and was an highest rated movie in the Latin America.

In the year 2008 famous variety reported that Anima come up with a new partnership with Classic Media. Classic Media is known now a days with the name "DreamWorks Classics. Both done their best efforts and produced new anime feature named as Kung Fu Magoo. This time anime content was sold to the United States Market.

So with the passage of time Anima Estudio eagerly accepted the new partners. The New agreement of Partnership was made in the October 6 2008 between Porchlight Entertainment and Anima Estudios. In this agreement Martian Christmas ci Fi Holiday a Television movie produced. Partnerships Produced new and unique content and movies get popularity around the world.

El Agente 00-P2 was the 3rd one movie. This film was mix of action and comedy referenced with James Bond Movies. Partnership deeds were on the way, Next one partnership agreement with the Argentina's illusion and Toonz of India. This time movie produced with the art of Computer. This film was released by the September 2010. This movie was an successful icon on the box office of Argentina.

Kissanime get all these information to aware the viewers that how Anima Estudios established. I thinks so You will be aware with the name of Kung Fu Magoo, an action comedy movie become popular around the world released in the United State. Kung Fu Magoo was very famous and popular movie. Stay with us to get more information.

Kissanime will provide you with the ever best information of the day and historical background of anime Network. Finally you stay tuned kissanime to get more informative content and subscribe us for the latest news regarding anime network. 

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Kissanime High Definition "A Brief Introduction"

Kissanime is an American Based Cartoon Network that will provide you limitless entertainment stuff. This channel Broadcast you with children tv shows ranging from action to the animated comedy. The Targeted audience children and youngster between the age of 7 to 15. The Mature Audience can also watch this program in the late night. Selective programs are broadcasted late night especially for the mature audience. Some programs are aired for the awareness of the youngster. With the primary objective of entertainment a secondary objective is to create awarenmess amongst the children. If you want more information stay in touch with us.

We will enable you to get download as well as watch online Kissanime Network. You can watch ever best content with us in high video quality. Animated cartoon videos will be provided you right here below side of this page. The anaimation was made for the first time by the Japanese. The animation Appreciated worldwide. The idea was originated by the Japenese and get popularity around the world in very few years.

High Quality Kissanime HD

Since 1917 Japanese started animation work and continued uptill maturity. In the Twentieth century Animation was introduced internationally. So Anime was spread internationally around the globe and get large domestic and international audience. After all content distributed theatrically by the TV, Home Media and over the internet.

Anime idea was regenerated with the passage of time with the latest Technologies with the emergent needs of the world. Keep in touch with us to watch as well as download anime network videos. Kissanime netowrk will provide you the best anime service around the United States. This network is popular around the globe now. Now a days children watch and enjoy Such a nice source of entertainment. Keep visiting our site to watch latest high video quality cotent with us. Our site will provide you updated quality content online.

Animated cartoons are made in the result of Sequential drawings, So in the same way Animated movies are made with the clay, Puppet and other means. In the earlier times still drawings endeavors were made for paleolithic cave paintings. Mostly in the cave animals painting made by the different angels.

Watch ever quality content for the quality people. Some of the programs aired on Kissanime relating to the moral values of the nation. We will enable you with the best and quality conetn online relating the animation media as well as cartonic network. A kissanime series named Neon Genesis Evangelion was very famous nowadays.

In the start pictures animated espeically regarding the high profile people you can say politicans and this practice was criticized by around the globe. Those who found in corruption or any malicous activity are captured in news paper in the shape of Animated cartoons.

If we define cartoon in few words, You can say cartoon simply two type of dimensional illustraiton. Some people define cartoons that its a non realistic artistic style of drawings and paintings. In the modern age Modern Print Media Portray the image of cartoon with funny and humorous way. The Punch magazine first time used cartonic image in its pages and the title was given  "satirical drawings". In the Punch Magazine sketches used were espeically made by the John Leech. In that time period parodied cartoons get well popularity across the world.

Kiss Anime Youtube Vide Song

In earlier such sketches named as Punh's Face and later named as cartoon. Later cartoon catagorized as Gag Cartoons, Editorial Cartoons and Comic Strips.

Political Cartoons get well popularity in the eariler time period. On the different Politics event cartoon published in the Print media. Majority of the print media readers love to watch such a cartoonic images and sketches. After paintings sketches captured the attention of media. They sketch the event in such a way that it subtle criticism and quoted in very funny way.

So Finally i will conclude the my views about the cartoons. Media now provides you with the quality content of animated cartoons. You can recommend to your children kissainme cartoon network which is an ever best quality network.