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Anima Estudio "A Kiss Anime Studio"

Anima Estudio was found by the Mexican animation organization in 2002 by the special contribution Fernaando De Fuentes, Jose C Garcia De Letona and Federico Unda. Anima Estudio was one of the best known studio around the globe. Anime network started its carrier from 2002 with the proper check and balance. Anime Network got well popularity with the passage of time.

Anima Estudio was one and only largest and best studio in Mexico in that time period. Now Anima is operating in many countries United Kingdom, United State, Korea and Russia. As you know that anima was inaugurated by the 2002 and played a vital role in the industry of Animation. You can say a leading animation studio in the Latin America.

Anima Estudio's Brief History

Anime Studio released its first featured film named as "Magos Y Gigantes dated 19 November 2003. That movie was go viral by the help of Fox. In the history of 30 years first featured animation content. After the first anime film second was released in the month of March 11 2005 Imaginum, was an comedy film. Second movie got well popularity and released around the world. Second movie was sold in about to 90 Countries around the world. The carrier of anime started with the second movie.

After such an successful entry Anima Studios move forward for the sake of Partnership. So first partnership was done with the Estancion Espacial and they just started work together on miniseries "Poncho Balon". This series was also get well popularity and comes up during the FIFA 2006 World Cup. In this series the main role was played by the Humberto Velez as a title Character.

In the year 200 Anima Estudios launched a New TV Series EL Chavo Animado. It was based on the Live Action series by the Roberto Gomez Bolanos. It was aired on the Canal 5 in the Mexico dated as October 21 2006. After that it was released in the United States on the Univision Channel by the 24 January 2008 and get very high ratings. It is also being informed to you that this series go viral and was an highest rated movie in the Latin America.

In the year 2008 famous variety reported that Anima come up with a new partnership with Classic Media. Classic Media is known now a days with the name "DreamWorks Classics. Both done their best efforts and produced new anime feature named as Kung Fu Magoo. This time anime content was sold to the United States Market.

So with the passage of time Anima Estudio eagerly accepted the new partners. The New agreement of Partnership was made in the October 6 2008 between Porchlight Entertainment and Anima Estudios. In this agreement Martian Christmas ci Fi Holiday a Television movie produced. Partnerships Produced new and unique content and movies get popularity around the world.

El Agente 00-P2 was the 3rd one movie. This film was mix of action and comedy referenced with James Bond Movies. Partnership deeds were on the way, Next one partnership agreement with the Argentina's illusion and Toonz of India. This time movie produced with the art of Computer. This film was released by the September 2010. This movie was an successful icon on the box office of Argentina.

Kissanime get all these information to aware the viewers that how Anima Estudios established. I thinks so You will be aware with the name of Kung Fu Magoo, an action comedy movie become popular around the world released in the United State. Kung Fu Magoo was very famous and popular movie. Stay with us to get more information.

Kissanime will provide you with the ever best information of the day and historical background of anime Network. Finally you stay tuned kissanime to get more informative content and subscribe us for the latest news regarding anime network. 

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